North Jackson Fire Department

 Name  Position  Certifications
 Greg Carlyle  Fire Chief  Registered Volunteer Firefighter
 Jody Woodall  Assistant Chief  NPQ FF I
 Ricky Elliott  Operations Chief  
 Willie Pittmon  Captain Station 1  MOD I
 Brandy Pethel  Fire Administrator  Fire and Life Safety Educator
 Richi Boullon  Fire Fighter  NPQ FF I
 Justin Bowen  Recruit  Recruit in Training
 Michael Bowen  Fire Fighter  Registered Volunteer Firefighter, HazA
 Brandon Bryant  NPQ FF I, HAZA, HAZO, HAZT,  
 Bryan Bullock  Fire Fighter, Paramedic  Inspector II, Evaluator, Instructor II, Officer II, NPQ FF II, HAZT, EMT, Paramedic
 Richie Elliott  Fire Fighter  MOD I
 Brett Funderburk  Fire Fighter  NPQ FF II, Haz-Mat Ops
 Jon Johnson  Fire Fighter; 1st Resp  NPQ FF I, NPQ FFII; Paramedic
 Terry May  Fire Fighter  Registered Volunteer Firefighter
 Andy Nix  Fire Fighter  NPQ FF II, Haz-Mat Ops, Fire and Life Safety Educator, Rescue Technician, Evaluator, EMT I
 Craig Perry  Recruit  Recruit in Training<
 Adam Pethel  Fire Fighter  Registered Volunteer Firefighter
 Carlos Reed  Fire Fighter  NPQ FF I, Haz-Mat Ops
 Cody Rogers  Recruit  Recruit in Training
 Stuart Scruggs  Fire Fighter; 1st Resp  NPA FF1, HAZA, HAZO
 Terry Turner  Fire Fighter, Paramedic  NPQ FF II, Haz-Mat Ops, Paramedic
 Rusty Vandeford  Fire Fighter  MOD I
 Malachi Walker  Fire Fighter  NPQ FF1, NPQ FF2, Haz-Mat Ops