North Jackson Fire Department

 Name  Position  Certifications
 Chip McEver  Fire Chief  MOD I
 Dennis Elrod  Assistant Chief  MOD I
 Mike Brooks  Operations Chief  MOD I
 Greg Carlyle  Captain Station 3  Registered Volunteer Firefighter
 Ricky Elliott  Captain Station 2  MOD I
 Jody Woodall  Rescue Captain  NPQ FF I
 Willie Pittmon  Lieutenant Station 1  Registered Volunteer Firefighter
 Brandy Pethel  Fire Administrator  Fire and Life Safety Educator
 Richi Boullon  Fire Fighter  NPQ FF I
 Michael Bowen  Fire Fighter  Registered Volunteer Firefighter, Haz-Mat Awareness
 Bryan Bullock  Fire Fighter, Paramedic  Inspector II, Evaluator, Instructor II, Officer II, NPQ FF II, Haz-Mat Technician, EMT, Paramedic
 Casey Cason  Fire Fighter  NPQ FF II, Haz-Mat Ops
 Richie Elliott  Fire Fighter  MOD I
 Brett Funderburk  Fire Fighter  NPQ FF II, Haz-Mat Ops
 Terry Gaddis  Fire Fighter  MOD I
 Shannon Gibson  Fire Fighter; 1st Resp  MOD 3, NPQ FF I, Haz-Mat Ops
 Jon Johnson Fire Fighter; 1st Resp Firefighter in Training; Paramedic
 Terry May  Fire Fighter  Registered Volunteer Firefighter
 Jonathan McEver  Fire Fighter  NPQ FF II, Haz-Mat Ops, Instructor II, EMT I
 Andy Nix  Fire Fighter  NPQ FF II, Haz-Mat Ops, Fire and Life Safety Educator, Rescue Technician, Evaluator, EMT I
 Adam Pethel  Fire Fighter  Registered Volunteer Firefighter
 Carlos Reed  Fire Fighter  NPQ FF I, Haz-Mat Ops
 Stuart Scruggs  Fire Fighter; 1st Resp Firefighter in Training
 Josh Sheridan  Fire Fighter  NPQ FF II, Fire Officer I, Haz-Mat Technician, Instructor, EMT I
 John Staton  Fire Fighter  NPQ FF I, Instructor II, EMT I
 Terry Turner  Fire Fighter, Paramedic  NPQ FF II, Haz-Mat Ops, Paramedic
 Rusty Vandeford  Fire Fighter  MOD I
 Stacy Young  Fire Fighter  NPQ FF I, Fire Instructor